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  • When buying a home...
    Our participating Realtors offer a Buyer rebate as per New Jersey State Law. This is discussed and reviewed at your first meeting. The amount of this discount may vary. The amount of the rebate is typically between 15% and 18%.
  • Do I have to sign anything?
    Yes! You will need to sign an Exclusive Buyer Representation Agreement with the Realtor you choose. This will be sent to you by NJ Heroes Program after our discussion for your review and signature. We only want you to sign when you fully understand it. Basically, you are signing an agreement that you will work with a specific Real Estate Professional for your home search and that ethey will be loyal to you and perform exemplary service. It will also state the amount of the rebate you will receive at the closing either by form of a check or a credit at closing and/or a manner acceptable to all sides including bank and title company.
  • What are the details as a seller?
    While in the State of New Jersey, there are no discounts or rebates allowed as an inducement for the Seller to work with a particular company or agent, please understand that ALL commissions are negotiable. It is NJ Heroes Program's belief that our Realtor partners will get this done properly with great service. Review the details with our Realtor partner.
  • How do I utilize sponsors such as lawyers, mortgage, etc.?"
    Use the contact info in the sponsor section to contact the individual. Also send the following email to them: "Hi, my name is __________________. Dave sent me from NJ Heroes program. I am registered with NJ Heroes Program. I look forward to working with you. Please contact me. Here is my contact information." You will then send an email to us informing us you have made a contact and we will follow up with that sponsor for you and with you. This is essentila for us to make sure you receive the service and special procing. Also, please feel free to contact them as their information is on our Sponsor Page.
  • Will you speak at my organization?
    Absolutely! I am proud to speak to promote this program and further the lives and well being of our heroes. Contact me at so we can set it up.
  • How do I as a Realtor become involved?
    At this point in time in 2023 as we are in ReLaunch mode, we are glad to talk to you about partnering with us. Please go to Please be sure to put in the comments-"I am interested in talking to Dave about NJ Heroes program and partnering with you."
  • How do I become a Sponsor?
    Go to the "Contact" page. Go to the bottom and insert your information. We will contact you to review the requirements of Sponsorship. You can also click the button at the bottom of the Sponsor page and set up a time to talk with Dave. Should everything be acceptable, you will become one of our trusted Sponsors.
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