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  1. What defines the eligibility of a hero?


A hero is someone who risks their lives for someone else’s on a daily basis.  A Hero is also one that works in life saving, nurturing position  and their function can be seen as a given and go unnoticed.

The following occupations are eligible for the NJ Heroes Program discount:

  • Military and ALL Veterans

  • Police & Law Enforcement

  • Firefighter

  • EMT / Paramedic-Rescue

  • Teachers

  • Healthcare Professionals

  • Municipal/City Worker

  • All USPS Workers

     2. How do I get more information?


If you qualify as a hero, you simply need to join the program by completing our form.

You can answer a few questions and then set up a short 15 minute call to talk to Dave about what it is NJ Heroes Program can do for you.


     3. Is this a government organization?


No, the NJ Heroes Program is not a government organization. The program was created

to show our appreciation for the true heroes living throughout our communities.



     4. Does the program cost money?


While there are absolutely no costs to work with us, please understand there are no added costs and that there are typical costs when buying or selling a home.  Some expenses for the buyers are reduced by our rebate program. 

Expenses for the seller, while commissions in New Jersey are negotiable are less than typical rates because of this Program. 



     5. Who can I contact for more information?

For questions and general inquiries about the NJ Heroes Program, please

click this link:



     6. How can my company/organization become a sponsor and what will it cost?


To become a sponsor and participate in the effort to help our heroes,

please contact David Fanale  at 201-376-6945 or


Our Sponsors must have recommendations from Real Estate professionals and be willing to interview.  Our requirements are top customer service and only expert communication skills and practices.

What Defines A Hero?


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